acoustic problems
by type of building

Schools and

Schools and hospitals are two types of enclosures in which silence is important, the first to foster improvement of understanding and concentration, the second to improve patient rest and recovery.

Most common types of noise

The noises in schools are the typical activities of children screaming, playing, etc.
On the other hand, noise in hospitals is mainly due to machinery, transit of people and to the contiguous location of spaces for different use (cafeterias, machine rooms, offices, ICU, etc.)

How to manage it?

Airborne Sound

Structurally disconnecting common panelling (dBsonic SP)

Adding elastic mass to the multiple panelling (dBsonic HW)

Impact Sound

Decoupling with an elastic material (dBimpact)

Adding absorption to receiving room (dBcomfort)

Reverb time

Improving the conditioning of the room (dBcomfort)


Inserting High-performance elastic materials between vibrating machinery and structural support (dBbalance)

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