acoustic problems
by type of noise





I hear my neighbour’s music

You hear the neighbour’s music when it on at a reasonable level

I hear my neighbour’s conversations

You hear your neighbour’s conversations, even if they aren’t necessarily shouting

My restaurant is very noisy

In a restaurant you can reach such a noise level, which makes it difficult to understand a normal conversation and you have to raise your voice

There’s a lot of noise in my office

The office is a shared workspace and the noise level is high without having excessively loud colleagues

I hear the plumbing

You can clearly hear the noise of water running through the pipes

I hear the lift

You hear the noise of the elevator machinery, its movement and the opening and closing of the doors

I hear the air-conditioning machinery

The noise of the air conditioner installation is perfectly heard when it is on

I hear my neighbour walking

You can hear your neighbours walk, specially with heels or hard soles

I hear my neighbour dragging furniture

You can hear the dragging of furniture over your neighbour’s floor

* Impact noise, having being evaluated as airborne noise, both the floor and flank elements (walls),must be treated in order to achieve considerable improvement

ManagerAcoustic problems by type of noise