Insulation solutions to Impact sound

Solutions which avoid the transmission of impact sound generated by blows (falling objects or treads) in any standing surface, mainly the ground. They are elastic systems that disconnect the surface of the structure and avoid the direct and flank transmission to both lower and upper and adjoining stays.

Acoustic Problem: Impact Sound


Impact Sound is structural airborne sound radiated to an enclosure by a wall or floor of a building when it is structurally excited by common activities such as foot-fall, slamming doors, movement of furniture, blows on the wall etc.
When generating an impact on a rigid structure, the structure vibrates radiating part of the unabsorbed energy and transferring it to the structure of the building, to connected building elements and finally to the adjacent disturbed air particles. This generates induced airborne noise with little attenuation. As impact noise is a phenomenon with a lot of energy in all frequencies, it is difficult to attenuate.


Consequences of Impact Sound


Impact noise problems have increased in recent years, mainly because lighter construction techniques have replaced the heavier ones of the past. These more flexible buildings are more sensitive to conveying and resonating structural airborne noise. Impact noise in the building, can cause a lot of problems:
On people’s health, altering the normal activity at home and their rest. Impulsive noise produces stress in, irritability, acceleration of the respiratory rhythm and muscular tension.With impulsive noise the probability of waking up increases, diminishing the quality of sleep. A well insulated space is crucial in order to avoid health problems.
Of cohabitation between dwellings or with some place of excessively noisy activity. Some of the main conflicts between neighbours in the same community are due to the excess of structural airborne noise.

dBimpact Solutions

We offer two types of solutions for impact noise, which we can apply in buildings that need a soundproofing, such as hotels, hospitals, gyms, residential, etc. You can see in this link how we have applied our solutions in different projects.

dBimpact is classified into two groups, depending on the location of the material in the soil system:


  1. Below floor-finishing solutions: Underlays (UL)

dbimpact underlay

dBimpact UL are materials based on low and high density polymers of different elastic, compressions and thermal properties to offer the best performance for each type of floor covering.
The most elastic solutions have excellent acoustic properties both of impact sound and drum sound reduction (also called reflected wlaking sound).
The hardest solutions are aimed at providing stability and dynamic stiffness to more flexibl floor finishing, which have less impact sound insulation problems. Therefore dBimpact UL have better compression properties than other equivalent solutions and offer excellent durability and thermal properties.



  1. Below Floating-Screed: Underscreed (US)

dBimpact US are elastic granulated materials coupled with a flexible binder using the Slow Blended Cold Calandered (SBC2®) technology with an anti-rupture layer. Its manufacturing process gives it greater elastic properties due to the encapsulated air between the non-pressed but calandered elastic particles.
The elasticity of the binder together with the rubber particle itself provides higher insulation performance than similar materials under the concrete slab.
Its mechanical properties (low dynamic stiffness and high compression resistance) allow to perform with great efficiency in a wide range of loads of concrete or dry slab.




Our solutions are easy to install and are divided into different types of products according to the need to solve. For example, we have ranges that can be installed on floors with click systems, with an anti-slip layer, as an anti-humidity or vapor barrier, resistant to compression, etc.

Our team of experts will perform an accurate acoustic measurement, advising you on the most suitable system and products.

Learn more about the entire technical sheet and installation of our solutions in our catalog.


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