“It’s not possible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions”

Roger Van Oech

At dBcover® we know that in a dynamic world of constant change, the continued search for solutions which adapt to today’s way of thinking is fundamental. These solutions must deliver real value, which is why at dBcover® we believe they have to be based on knowledge and experience.

By better understanding the physics of acoustics and the nature of the materials we work with, we are able to better develop innovative solutions which satisfy the needs of not just today’s, but also tomorrow’s society.

We efficiently and sustainably turn into reality that which was just an idea for the solution to a problem. As some of these problems are common, our solutions are designed to be affordable.

At dBcover® we don’t just produce acoustic solutions, we seek to improve the acoustic comfort for people today and in the future.

Our values as a cutting edge technical company are


It’s part of our DNA, it drives us to permanently overcome new challenges. Every solution we develop is the result of innovation and of our firm search to improve that which already exists.


Solid relationships with our partners are fundamental. We establish long-term relationships with all our vendors, collaborators, clients, technical prescribers, the scientific community, certifying bodies, and civil society.


A high level of development implies the creation of cost effective and maximum performance solutions. As part of our development, we endeavour to create affordable acoustic solutions.


We believe in sustainable development. Raw material selection, manufacturing processes and performance improvement of our facilities make our solutions a choice with a commitment to sustainability.

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