R & D + i

At dBcover® we firmly believe in the creation of value through innovation

Which is why we invest in our facilities, prototypes and above all in our qualified personnel. At dBcover® we join acoustic and chemical engineers, who represent some of the most valuable assets our company possesses. They are in charge of transforming ideas into reality by applying their knowledge and experience to our client’s and collaborator’s needs.

Ideas take shape in our labs, which contain prototype manufacturing equipment and measure their mechanical properties and acoustic performance. The reliability and closeness between them, enables the agile delivery of valuable feedback, making these solutions more dynamic.

Involved in global innovation, our solutions are benchmarked, tested, and at times developed in top class facilities, which allows us to obtain additional know-how from that which we acquire at our own facilities.

The value which differentiates us is our ability to pinpoint the acoustic problem and our deep knowledge of the tools at our disposal (chemical) to design a bespoke solution for each challenge, with the goal of providing acoustic comfort.

Acoustic comfort innovation of and for people.