At dBcover® we believe in a sustainable society in a time which does not compromise the future of the generations to come

It is our responsibility to respect our community and our employees by making more efficient use of our resources and reducing our impact on the environment. This is why, when we develop our solutions, we choose the options which include processes and raw materials which are cleaner and biodegradable.

Our sustainability code includes:

Product performance

Noise level reduction in places where our solutions are installed, allowing more tranquil and pleasing spaces.

Low emissions

Emission control in our manufacturing processes, limiting the use of harmful resources and materials.

Energy efficiency

Minimising energy consumption in the manufacturing process, as well as in its performance, avoiding energy loss of the final installation.

Efficient distribution

Optimising distribution in order to reduce energy consumption in the transportation of the product to its final installation destination.

Vendor and material selection

Reduce the product’s carbon footprint through the sourcing of local vendors and local raw material.


Increasing our process performance to maximise the use of our raw material and reduce material loss through recycling.


Increase the shelve life of our solutions: we help reduce the quantity of waste that’s generated at the time of renewal, we avoid unnecessary material substitution.

Professional Commitment

Time and space flexibility with our employees and collaborators to work in a why in which they can combine personal and professional responsibilities.

Professional Development

Talent development and motivation through training and defining career path strategies.